Notebook99 - Amazing and easy to use notepad manager with reminder

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辞書/辞典/その他 教育
開発者 Elsa Cantuna
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This app was designed to collect all that information that is crucial to have in an easy and fast way. I wrote this app for my own use, I know there are so many apps that collect notes, but those are to complicated and as the time goes by, they keep adding features that in my case I dont need. I needed something more simple and fast.

This is how I use this app. When I research something on the internet for example: greek gods. I create a notebook with the name History, then I create a chapter with the name Greeks, then I create a note with the name Greek Gods, then I take as many pictures of the information that is been displayed on my laptop screen. Thats it.

Take photos of a page book, computer screen or chalkboard... and organize that information in books with chapter and in each chapter just add the pictures and write any note that you wish.

How to use:

1.- Create a notebook: History

2.- Press on History and create as many chapters for this book: Mayans, Aztecs, Civil War, Ancient Greeks etc...

3. Press on a Chapter: Ancient Greeks and crete a note, take as many pictures as you want. Also you can share your notes as a pdf via email or AirDrop.

4.Thats it.